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18X RGB IR Zoom Camera

18X RGB IR Zoom Camera

18X RGB/IR Zoom Cam is a 3-axis stabilized gimbal equipped with a 18X optical zoom camera and a infrared camera.  Custom designed integrated electronics provide the best performance in almost any condition. All these characteristics can let the camera keep stable during the movement, and keeps the camera at a steady shooting angle even at high speed and intense shaking. The 18X optical zoom camera can easily capture details over distance, it offers 1080p FULL HD video recording onboard and 720P HDMI output, the infrared camera can take photos at 640x480 resolution, and the sensitivity is less than 65mk.

  • Tech Specs

    Material: Aviation aluminum alloy,nylon

    Product size: 180x178x185mm

    Weight: 1050g

    Working temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

    Input voltage: 4 s ~ 6 s (14.8V ~ 22.2 V)

    Range of control angle : -40°~40°(roll angle),-120°~30°(pitch),-170°~ 170°(direction angle)

    Control accuracy: 0.03°

    Control signal: SBus

    Output interface: AV analog output, miro-HDMI HD output

    Storage: 2 TF Cards(white light, infrared video record respectively )

    White Light Camera:

    Lens: 18X optical zoom lens

    Sensors: 1/4" 3 megapixel CMOS sensor

    Video output resolution: 1280*720@60fps

    Video storage resolution: 1080 p

    Focus time: < 2 s

    Automatic white balance: support

    Auto gain control: support

    Auto color correction: support

    Wide dynamic: support (dynamic range can reach 105dB)

    Infrared Camera:

    Pixel: 640x480

    Pixel-space: 17μm

    Types: Uncooled focal planar micro bolometer

    Wavelength range: 8~14μm

    Thermal sensitivity (NETD): ≤65mk@30℃

    Lens focal length: 19mm

    Field angle: 32.0x24.2°

    Image output time: ≤5s

    Image denoising: digital filtering

    Electronic zoom: 2 times,4 times,8 times,16 times magnification

    Polarity reversal: support

    Palette: the pseudo color switching Frame

    Frequency: 50Hz

    Extensible temperature measurement functions: the central point,highest temperature and lowest temperature display function;over temperature alarm

  • Features

    -IP64 rating,waterproof and dustproof

    -3-Axis high Stabilized Gimbal System

    -18X optical zoom,CVBS and 720p/60fps output for video downlink

    -1080p/30 video recorded for on-board SD card

    -Thermal sensor: 640x480 resolution,CVBS 50HZ(PAL)/60HZ(NTSC)

    -4 levels thermal zooming: 2X,4X,8X and 16X

  • Included

    1x 18X RGB/IR Zoom Cam

    1x Quick release adapter

    1x Interface Cable

    1x User Manual

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