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Training & Consulting

Despite the advancements in technology, drone-related issues such as crashes or hard landings continue to occur. The sophistication of sensor and drone technology has indeed made flying safer and more straightforward for operators. Nevertheless, drones still encounter crashes, collisions, or run out of power among other problems. This raises the question: why does this happen?


Training and human factors play a significant role in the safe operation of our aircraft. For example, the FAA mandates recurrent training or type-specific training for piloting manned aircraft, depending on the aircraft's complexity. This requirement underscores the importance of training; its benefits are evident in the professionalism and proficiency of drone operations.


At ATI, we have constructed numerous drones of various sizes and types, each designed for specific missions. Our experience shows that those who undertake training encounter fewer issues and mishaps. Training can encompass previously acquired skills, but there's always something new to learn about drone operation. A know-it-all attitude gives us at ATI cause for concern. Typically, customers who forgo training or believe it unnecessary are more likely to experience problems post-delivery.

We at ATI have observed that customers who invest in training achieve higher success rates. They are less likely to damage their aircraft or payload, which ultimately saves time and money.


ATI establishes the expectations for the end user. We ensure that customers are aware of their aircraft's limitations and guide them towards choosing the appropriate airframe, powerplant, radio links, and autopilot systems.

Even if you do not require a drone from ATI, we are here to assist in selecting the drone that best suits your needs. We dedicate time to listen, research, and navigate the complex drone landscape with you.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions. You may discover considerations that had not occurred to you, needing attention.


A little bit of consulting can go a long way in saving you time and money, both at the point of purchase and in the future. Feel free to call or email and ask your questions. Or set up a day and time that works for you. Ask us about:

-Drone Frames (Quad, Hex, Plane, Traditional Helicopter, etc.)

-Number of motors or props

-Type of Autopilot ( We specialize in Ardupilot, however we have extensive experince with Mikrokopter, DJI, Pixhawk, APM, PX4, and more)

-Camera's and Payloads

-Video Links, Data Links, Antenna's and the like

-Charging and Batteries ( This is a Big One)

-Fuel or combustion aircraft


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