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We are experienced with all levels of video production.  From Superbowl commercials to small indie productions, ATI is a  one stop shop for your aerial cinematography needs.  

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Agricultural Mapping

Create accurate field health maps with the industry-leading MicaSense RedEdge and ATI AgBot™. Gather trending data over the course of a growing season collecting NDVI, NDRE, RGB, and DSM imagery.

Commercial & Industrial Inspections

We have the capabilities to inspect elevated industrial structures such as wind turbines, power lines and more with ultra high-resolution photography and thermography.

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Commercial Payloads

Our heavy-lift systems can carry a variety of payloads.  ATI's engineering team is ready to assist with integrating unique payloads like cargo hooks, power line stringing devices, LIDAR, and more.  

Aerial View of a Houses

Aerial Mapping

Low altitude drone mapping is proven to be a very efficient  and high quality solution for many mapping projects.  FAA line of site limitations  apply.  

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