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ATI AgBOT™ for Mapping & Agriculture

The AgBOT™ is a highly portable, industrial grade quadcopter suited for a wide range of applications

  • 26+ minutes of flight time
  • Strong Carbon Fiber frame
  • Folds down for transport
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Application specific UAS systems & services





Aerial Technology International (ATI) manufactures industrial grade, application specific aerial robotics. Working with key partners, we create turn-key unmanned aerial system (UAS) solutions for cinematography, mapping, agriculture, industrial inspections, and public services.

Years of building & operating UAS has provided us the expertise to provide professional operators with highly supported professional aircraft. We do not support the hobby market, nor use hobby grade components. Experience is the backbone of our company and foundation of our customer support system. We understand that as a UAS operator you have specific needs that must be met for you to succeed and operate safely. At ATI, we have made fulfilling those needs the central goals of our business.

We accomplish these goals and help you succeed by doing the following:

1. Providing reliable and affordable turn-key systems and parts.

2. Providing fast and reliable product delivery.

3. Providing one on one live technical support to get you back in the air quickly.

ATI only represents the highest quality of UAS product manufacturers. We have teamed up with 3DRobotics, Aeronavics, KDE Direct, Gremsy, and more to bring you the highest quality systems available. Our team has an extensive knowledge of these systems and is prepared to assist you in achieving your goals. Whether you need an upgraded frame on your multi-rotor system, an improved autopilot navigation system for a mapping project, or a complete unmanned aerial system built for a specific need, ATI can help ensure that your project is a success.

We work with other industry leaders to further the progression of these technologies and make them affordable for commercial and private users. ATI only provides the highest grade air-frames, the most reliable flight controllers, and the smoothest camera mounts. Our network was developed through extensive experience as end users, operating these systems. The quality and reliability we experienced using the products from our vendors gives us the utmost confidence in recommending them to our customers. At ATI we understand that a weak link in any part of your system can mean the difference between success and failure.

Call us today; we have helpful customer service representatives ready to speak with you about your project.