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Multipurpose drone for precision agriculture

  • 26+ minute flight time
  • Aircraft grade aluminum & carbon fiber
  • Folding components for max portability
  • Modular payloads system
  • Fully autonomous
  • Complete single case solution

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Mapping made easy with AgPlanner
The ATI AgPlanner app for Android allows for easy tablet based flight planning with the AgBot™ drone. Quickly create and save repeatable missions to gather plant health trending data over the course of a growing season. AgPlanner works with all modular payloads for the AgBot™ including multispectral, thermal, HD sensors, bird deterrent & more.

AgPlanner features an intuitive user interface that also displays flight telemetry data in real-time. Users can quickly find battery health, datalink signal strength, flight time, flight mode, heading & more. A built in pre-flight checklist ensures safe, reliable operation. AgPlanner can also store maps offline which is incredibly valuable when working in remote areas without access to wifi or cellular data networks.


Quick Release Modular Payloads

Get the right sensor for the job. The AgBot's innovative quick release system is compatible with all modular payloads we offer. Options for multispectral, thermal, & hi def photo/video each with integrated gimbal for stabilization and video downlink.


IR Module

Combining the FLIR Vue Pro with our brushless gimbal for image stabilization and video downlink for real time viewing allows you to detect temperature variations in crops, irrigation issues, track livestock & more through thermal imaging. Featuring onboard data recording, 14 -bit still imagery and remote start/stop video recording.

Multispectral Module

Integrating the revolutionary MicaSense RedEdge with our 2 axis mapping gimbal for image stabilization and quick release system to turn your AgBot™ UAV into a remote sensing powerhouse. Quickly and efficiently capture data on plant health, gather trending information over time and make proactive decisions to maximize yields.

HD Video Module

Ultra hi-def 4k resolution video and 12 megapixel still images in a lightweight packages make this an ideal sensor for creating highly detailed field maps, quick visual inspections, or stunning aerial video. Includes video transmitter for real time viewing and three axis gimbal.

Quadcopter for Agriculture
Airframe Configuration VTOL Quadcopter
Material Carbon Fiber Frame, Aluminum Fittings
Weight (incl. sensor and battery) 4.7 kg (10.4 lbs)
Length (prop tip to prop tip) 102 cm (40.5 in)
Height 33.5 cm (13.25 in)
Pack Down Dimensions 68.6 x 30.5 x 20.3 cm (27 x 12 x 8 in)
Case Dimension 112 x 40.9 x 35.5 cm (44.16 x 16.09 x 14 in)
Loaded Case Weight 24.3 kg (53.6 lbs)
Prop Configuration 15" Tri-prop
Motor 4012 400Kv
Battery Dual 6S 6500 mAh
Flight Time 26+
Top Speed 61.7 kph (38.4 mph)
Range (straight line) 26.7 km (16.6 miles)
Pre-flight Setup Time 5 min
Spectral Bands Narrowband filters for
Blue, Green, Red,
Red Edge, Near-Infrared
Ground Sample Difference 5.4 cm/pixel (per band)
at 200 ft (60 m) AGL
Capture Speed 1 capture per second
(all bands), 12-bit RAW

A Complete Single Case Solution

The AgBot™ drone folds down in minutes and packs into our transport case along with all accessories. The case's rugged outer shell is suitable for fieldwork with custom laser cut foam ensuring protection during transportation.

We offer the ATI AgBot™ as a turn-key unmanned aircraft system complete with training and accessories. For a custom estimate please select which payloads you are interested in and provide us with information on your application. A representative will respond promptly.

  • Please provide us with any additional info about your application.