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Ready to Fly DJI S800 EVO Film Kit: Complete RTF System


Ready-to-Fly System

This RTF system has been optimized for superior performance, utilizing the following components:


  • DJI S800

Camera Mount

  • DJI Zenmuse Z15 Camera Gimble NEX 5, NEX 7 or Panasonic Lumix GH2


  • DJI Wookong M Standard Flight Controller


  • Futaba 8FG Super – Pilot
  • Futaba 8FG Super – Camera Operator

Batteries/Charger/Power Supply

  • Hitec X2+ Charger
  • Trak Power Supply TKPP5500
  • Max Amps 6s5450 22.2 volt

Video Downlink/Monitor

  • 5.8 Ghz Video Transmitter
  • 5.8 Ghz Video Receiver
  • Fatshark Dominator Video Goggles


  •  AeroSim RC Flight Simulator
  • 8 Hours of Advanced Flight School, 2-3 person – At ATI HQ or online

Product Description

Ready to Fly DJI S800 EVO Film Kit: Complete RTF System

If you are getting serious about Aerial Photography, its time to consider the DJI-Innovations s800 EVO Hexacopter. The original S800 ‘Spreading Wings’ Multirotor has long been considered the industry standard and the new S800 EVO brings some significant improvements. When paired with the Zenmuse Z15 Camera Gimbal, the S800 EVO’s High Performance Vibration Absorber makes for incredibly smooth and stable video. System includes retractable landing gear, quick disassemble arms, folding propellers, reinforced airframe, efficient high quality brushless motors and advanced vibration dampening. The S800 EVO is designed to be easily broken down for  transportation, our kit also includes two durable Bauer cases with custom cut foam. The cases provide storage and protection for the S800, Zenmuse, radios and extra batteries. Also including  a flight tested and pre-programmed Wookong-M Flight Controller. The Wookong-M allows for easy to achieve stable hover and excellent flight characteristics.

Our Film Kit includes everything you need for a professional aerial photography rig. We have also incorporated an FPV system so the pilot can view iOSD flight telemetry data and perform advanced maneuvers that could not be performed line of sight. We outfit the pilot radio with a custom 7″ LCD monitor making it easy to switch from line of sight flying to FPV as needed.

As a licensed DJI Dealer,  ATI has been offering professional turnkey DJI systems and custom builds since the release of the S800.

Please call 1-888-404-4721 to place your order or further discuss specifications.

About Aerial Technology International (ATI)

We build professional-grade ready-to-fly systems. Our DJI S800 EVO RTF system is thoroughly tested and fully functioning out of the box.  We take pride in each aircraft, whose advanced components have been hand selected, assembled and flight tested by our very own craftsmen. The RTF S800 Film Kit has been specifically engineered for superior performance in creating advanced film effects.


Ready to Fly DJI S800 EVO


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