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Aeronavics by Droidworx SkyJib-X4 Titanium Airframe Kit

SkyJib-X4 Titanium comes in Coaxial Configuration – 8 engines on 4 booms – and is a more compact craft than the larger flat configuration Skyjib 8 and offers slightly more stable flight in turbulent air conditions; also available in “Retractable Landing Gear” version – SJR. 4012-4014 class disk style motor or 3515-15 motor on 15” propellers. 410mm boom set – 880mm overall diameter.

    The core of your SkyJib-8 craft consists of high quality carbon fiber center plates and comes complete with flight control adaptor plate. On strategic places rivnuts are fitted for assisting easy pack down once you have build your full craft for transport and travel. Industrial grade graphite fiber filled composite internal boom mounting create a rock solid construction for your SkyJib-8.

    The booms for the SkyJib-X4 Titanium are made of industrial strength carbon fiber 3k twill tube with high-end matte finish and allow for up to 15″ props with their 410mm length. These tubes offer durability and natural vibration absorption properties. This kit now includes the new ultra strong Titanium bolts and alloy engine mount disks with raised surfaces specifically designed to fit the new emerging disk style motors. The new captive nut-slots and reversed bolt fastening facilitates easy access for pre-flight checks. New ultra light-weight engine mount shields are included for cosmetic appeal and to protect your engine wires in case of a mishap. The complete content of this kit can be found in the build manuals.

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Aeronavics by Droidworx SkyJib-4 Titanium Airframe Kit

Aeronavics has been busy in the research and development departments designing the all-new Titanium Series Airframes, setting an example for engineering excellence in aerial robotics.  For the SkyJib, improvements have been made both functionally and cosmetically with excellent results. These high performance crafts feature advanced vibration dampening technology, a quick release camera mount for rapid pack down and heavy lift capabilities.  These highly engineered craft are a professional level option for those looking for quality and versatility. New features:

Tinted & Printed Domes

Increased dome size with your choice of dark tint or carbon fiber look printed finish. Now allows for an easier fit for mounting electronics under the hood.

Engine Mount Bolt Fasteners

New engine mount bolt fastening configuration with easy access for “pre-flight” safety checks and assembly.

Carbon Fiber Booms

New even higher quality carbon fiber booms with an even finer manufacture tolerance offering a higher precision and greater strength without more weight; and an attractive new “satin carbon finish” on all the Aeronavics/Droidworx range (including even the landing gear skids) making this the most eye-catching and highest specification craft on the market.

Titanium Components

New “titanium tint” anodizing for all metal alloy parts adds increased durabilitythrough a protective coating. Also adds a more attractive and industrial appearance.

Mount Boots

New “RED” engine mount boot and boom nacelle high visibility optional enhancements in the kit.

Engine Mounts

New engine mount disks designed to fit the newly emerging disk style motors on the market capable of running on higher voltages (such as 5 and 6 cell Lithium packs).  The disks now also include “captive nut slots” to hold the fastener in place.

Vibration Dampeners

New quick release gear rail vibration dampener seat – made from raw unprocessed nylon and Teflon coated for smoother operation – and now also with even more precision fitting for maximum performance.


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