Quadcopter Enthusiasts

ATI is committed to bringing you the latest in reliable drone technology, which is why we are now selling the 3DR Iris+ as our recommended training unit and enthusiast level quadcopter.

The ATI IRIS+ Ultimate Aerial Package comes completely pre-assembled and flight tested by one of our highly trained techs. The IRIS+ is 3DR’s highly capable and advanced quadcopter.

We have installed our carefully chosen components creating the Ultimate Aerial Package. Capable of GPS Loiter, Manual or Autonomous flight modes, and 3PV (3rd Person View ) Follow Me technology. Upgrades include a powerful 1.5 watt video transmitter, Bluebeam antennas for a powerful diversity receiver set-up and the MinimOSD providing you with a flight telemetry video overlay on the monitor (in stock form the flight telemetry data is viewed on the radio controller display).

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