3DR – Committed to helping people see their world from above. We’re North America’s largest personal drone company, known for pioneering advanced and easy-to-use consumer drone technology, and for the Pixhawk, the world’s most popular autopilot platform. All 3DR drone systems also serve as robust tools for data analysis, enabling mapping, surveying, 3D modeling and more. Our technology is currently used across multiple industries around the world, including agriculture, construction, infrastructure, search and rescue and ecological study.


360Heros – The patent pending 360Heros video and photo gear holder is designed rough and tough to handle those extreme sports both indoors and outdoors.  So why choose us?  Its all about convenience in having the ability to use these powerful little cameras any way you like!  When you want to shoot 360 Video or even 360 panorama’s you set the resolution mode, plug in your GoPro™ equipment, turn on the wireless and you are ready to start shooting high quality full spherical 360 by 180 video and/or photos.


Aeronavics – An industry leader in advanced multi-rotor airframes and associated accessories, Aeronavics has gained a reputation for excellence among UAS operators around the globe. Their airframes are ideal for film-making, aerial photography, and professional cinematography. Droidworx crafts feature state-of-the-art composite aerospace and industrial grade materials. These air frames are perfectly engineered to fit all the well known off the shelf flight control electronics. With camera housings and airframe set-ups for tiny GoPro HD’s all the way up to Hollywood grade RED cameras, Droidworx has the most extensive range of craft types on the globe.


KDE Direct – Driven by innovation and quality products. Through developing new and innovative products, maintaining the highest quality, and supplying the consumer with direct-to-market prices, our goal is to deliver the customer the greatest designs on the market. All products have been inspired by a degreed Biomedical and Mechanical Engineer, so nothing is created without detailed design intent, finite-element analysis, and the strictest machining guidelines. We are confident you will be pleased with your purchase and we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.


Phase One – We are the world’s leader in open-platform, high-end medium format camera systems and solutions for professional photographers and advanced amateurs. We also develop Capture One raw converter and workflow software, available for Mac and Windows. We have been the world technology leader since 1993 and have recently announced the IQ250, the world’s first high-performance medium format digital back / camera to include a CMOS sensor.


SkyWard offers a free assessment to help get you started on the path to safe, insured, and compliant commercial UAS operations.  SkyWard can assist you with the development of operational procedures, regulatory approvals (SFOC, Sec. 333, COA), comprehensive operating manuals, contingency planning, pre and post-flight checklists, and streamlined insurance applications and support.

The SkyWard software is available to help you manage your UAS operations and maintain compliance with your insurance policy and your regulatory authorizations.  The system includes: flight scheduling and recording; UAS maintenance logs; on-site checklists; personnel profiles; a “safe-to-fly” air chart; payload management; reporting; and a digital briefcase to store all of your operational documentation.


Skycatch Workmode specializes in providing aerial-captured big data to some of the largest construction, mining, agriculture, and energy companies in the world. We are now offering all of this expertise and field-tested tools to drone pilots and companies all around the world.


Uncage The Soul Productions

Uncage the Soul – At Uncage the Soul we believe in fresh and engaging perspectives to create a dynamic visual experience. A collective of innovative video, photography and creative professionals, we help you build your message and tell your story. Be it in the natural world or in the corporate space, we are focused on creating meaningful narratives that speak and connect you to your audience.

GoPro Logo

GoPro – GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others—to celebrate them together. Like how a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun. The world’s most versatile cameras are what we make. Enabling you to share your life through incredible photos and video is what we do.