ATI Introduces Bird Deterrent Solution For Its Line Of Precision Ag Drones



“ATI has been working closely with farmers in Oregon’s Willamette Valley to asses any unmet needs that small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) can provide solutions, reports Bird control is vital for protecting vineyards and other high value crops but has been traditionally difficult to manage in a safe and humane way. Nuisance birds learn patterns quickly rendering ground based emitters ineffective after just a short time. Falconers often have time constraints and are not always a cost effective solution.”


Green Drones: Precision Agriculture Gets a Boost from Multirotors


Rotor Drone Magazine AgBOT

“Based in Clackamas County, Oregon in the heart of the state’s flourishing wine country, Aerial Technology International (ATI) has developed the AgBOT: a rotor drone purpose-built to assess crop health via airborne multispectral imagery.

‘We designed the AgBOT in response to the needs of the agriculture industry,’ ATI CEO Stephen Burtt told me. ‘There are many issues with modern-day farming that can resolved with new types of sensors mounted on an aerial platform.'”

Drones for Agriculture


One of the leaders in the commercial and agricultural drone space is Aerial Technology International. ATI knows the importance of having easy-to-use solutions with training available to farmers and pilots. Their drones can carry the latest high-tech sensors or cameras based on what information the farmer is looking for. The AgBOT can cover a square kilometer of crops in one flight and features a quick-release battery pack so you can conduct multiple surveys in one outing.

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Oregon enters a ‘golden age of drones’


Aerial Technology International (ATI) is one of the pioneers of Oregon’s commercial drone industry, and founder and CEO Stephen Burtt says the state and region is going through a “golden age of drones” right now. When ATI started, several major companies made military drone applications, but no one pursued the commercial drone market. Now, everything has changed….

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Drone company CEO envisions the future farm


CLACKAMAS, Ore. — Stephen Burtthas seen the future and it’s. … wait, let him ask you: Have you seen “Star Wars?”

Drones are everywhere in those movies, Burtt says. Doing jobs in the background, delivering goods, fixing things — their presence is so routine that no one even notices.

And that, he says, could be the future of American farms. A drone, perhaps one of his Aerial Technology International multi-rotored Quadcopters, launches itself in the morning to carry out pre-programmed tasks. Flying over the field, it uses sensors and cameras to look for diseases and pests, take inventory, check irrigation, assemble yield information or make harvest decisions.

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PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — They’re used for delivery, sports-action footage, mapping, and agriculture.

Drones will soon be used for news gathering in the Pacific Northwest by Portland-based Alpha Media owned radio station KXL FM 101, providing the technology complies with a Federal Aviation Administration ruling on commercial drones in airspace.

Alpha Media, which operates in 80 U.S. markets, signed into a partnership with Clackamas-based drone company Aerial Technology International, a decision announced Monday.

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Drone Film Project Captures Melting Glacier Caves


Aerial Technology International (ATI) says it has teamed up with Portland, Ore., film production company Uncage the Soul to create a drone-capured video featuring the largest glacier cave system in the lower 48 states.The video, “Requiem of Ice,” is the result of footage taken over the past year and reveals the changing landscape of the Sandy Glacier Cave system on Oregon’s Mt. Hood.

The Sandy Glacier Cave system is made up of two large caves, Snow Dragon and Pure Imagination, which both extend deep into the glacier. The video reveals the dramatic melting and collapsing of the cave system that has been occurring since its discovery around a decade ago.

Drone operators in Oregon eager for FAA approval


Drones are nothing new for Stephen Burtt and his employees at Aerial Technology International in Clackamas.

Burtt’s launched his company back in 2007, then under the name of Northwest Aero Pix, looking to work as a service-based provider in Oregon offering aerial images for local professionals. From real estate to farmers to city planners, a range of clientele rely on aerial photography for property assessment, crop inspection and urban mapping.

Equipped with hovering, remote-control propeller drones, Burtt saw an opportunity.

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Image a concern for drone developers, operators


WARM SPRINGS, Ore. — If there’s a future in drone-related business, the unmanned aircraft are going to need an image makeover. That’s what several attendees said at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference this week in Warm Springs, Oregon.

Lawrence Dennis showed off his Phase One Mapping Helicopter to about a dozen conference participants Thursday. He works for Portland’s Aerial Technology International flying the unmanned helicopter to survey homes and farms.Dennis told the crowd the public’s fears about drones are relevant, but unfounded. He said it’s up to the industry to change the public’s perception.”We have to inform our fellow citizens around us about what this technology really does,” said Dennis.

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The 7 Best Agricultural Drones on the Market Today


Longtime UAS distributor Aerial Technology International recently jumped into the world of agriculture and began selling custom multi-rotor drones that can be configured with all the standard cameras and sensors. While multi-rotor drones don’t have the same extensive battery life as a fixed-wing model, they are much more agile and can be flown very close to the ground (they also tend to be much cheaper).

Plus, ATI offers a free consultation with each inquiry they receive so you can be sure your drone is optimized for your needs.