Drone company CEO envisions the future farm

- http://www.capitalpress.com/Profit/20141220/drone-company-ceo-envisions-the-future-farm

CLACKAMAS, Ore. — Stephen Burtthas seen the future and it’s. … wait, let him ask you: Have you seen “Star Wars?”

Drones are everywhere in those movies, Burtt says. Doing jobs in the background, delivering goods, fixing things — their presence is so routine that no one even notices.

And that, he says, could be the future of American farms. A drone, perhaps one of his Aerial Technology International multi-rotored Quadcopters, launches itself in the morning to carry out pre-programmed tasks. Flying over the field, it uses sensors and cameras to look for diseases and pests, take inventory, check irrigation, assemble yield information or make harvest decisions.

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